US Arsenal To Install Ion Nitriding System

In the past “The Monty Heat Treat News” has pointed out that virtually all Ion (Plasma) nitriding systems come from either Europe or Colombia, South America. This press release tells us how a USA based company, Surface Combustion of Ohio recently shipped a new system to Watervliet Arsenal in New York State, a captive heat treater with a reasonably large heat treat department. Surface Combustion was one of the first US companies to offer Ion Nitriding systems almost 40 years ago (as mentioned in this press release) however we were not aware that the company still offered this technology, obviously it is still something the company has in their portfolio.

“Surface® Combustion, Inc. has recently shipped a new Ion Nitriding Thermal Processing Furnace System for Watervliet Arsenal. Watervliet was familiar with Surface Combustion’s multitude of furnace offerings and awarded a contract to Surface so they could again bring their processing capability in-house. Adding control to the supply chain for product was one of the many reasons Watervliet added a Ion Nitriding Thermal Processing Furnace System to their plant. The Surface® Combustion Ion Nitriding System, with full controls, will be fully installed and commissioned in a horizontal configuration. This configuration best suits the facility and Watervliet Arsenal’s processing needs, and will also include process development. Surface is no stranger to government contracts. (Cage Code: 58588) This is the second ion nitriding furnace supplied to Watervliet, the first was originally over 40 years ago.”