US Aerospace Company Brings Heat Treatment In House

In Lincoln, Nebraska, USA we see that aerospace supplier Duncan Aviation has elected to bring their heat treating in house in a brand new division by the name of “Duncan Manufacturing Solutions.”

“Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce that the company has expanded and reorganized its parts manufacturing and fabrication areas, creating a new division called Duncan Manufacturing Solutions (DMS). Although DMS is currently serving in-house needs for Duncan Aviation projects and customers as well as requests from aviation system and aircraft manufacturers, the expectation is that the area will grow in the future to provide services to companies in other industries that need reliable, high-quality parts fabricated to meet their scheduling needs.

Duncan Aviation has invested more than $4 million in the DMS facility, which was built adjacent to Duncan Aviation’s Turbine Engine Overhaul Shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, and has 21,000-square-feet devoted to machining, metal work, and composite capabilities. DMS brought heat treating capabilities in-house with the addition of two Delta H Heat Treat Ovens. These ovens are capable of heat treating aluminum, stainless steel, tool steel, and titanium. These ovens are based on the most common size requirements for working with envelopes of 16x16x24 inches and 16x24x72 inches.”

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