UK Aerospace Company Installs 3 Meter Diameter PIt Carburizing Furnace

During a recent visit to the UK, “The Monty Heat Treat News” team visited a company by the name of “Neotherm”, a relatively new provider of heat treating furnace. We now have a press release from the company in which they talk about a just completed furnace installation featuring a 3 meter diameter (9′), 12 ton capacity pit carburizing furnace with associated endothermic generator.
“Neotherm were challenged to supply and install a pit furnace capable of carburising gears which were 3 metres in diameter and weighing 12 tons. The customer, being an Aerospace manufacturer, required all the pyrometry, temperature uniformity and data control to meet the necessary accreditations.
Due to the experience of running an older type of pit furnace, we were asked to look at any improvements we could make which would make the ongoing running of the furnace better. We firstly engineered the removal of the oil seal at the base of the existing furnace and fitted the heating elements vertically from the top to avoid the requirement to enter the pit for any future reason. The configuration of the elements also means that they can be changed without having to strip the furnace down, a real time saver!
The next part of the challenge was to improve the furnace atmosphere to achieve better control over the case depths. Facing the huge running costs of using nitrogen and methanol, Neotherm supplied a custom-built endothermic generator with the Super Systems turn down Autogen control. This will not only give better case depth control, but the running costs will also be reduced by 50%. With process trials and training beginning in January we are all looking forward to supporting this UK based manufacturer into the future.”
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