Turkish Steel Forger Invests In A Batch Furnace For Nitriding And Nitrocarburizing

“Since its establishment in 1987, Topçesan Topbaş Çelik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has stood as a pillar in the Turkish steel forging industry. Operating from its facility in Nilüfer/Bursa, the company has solidified its position as a leading integrated steel processing manufacturer, supplying forging, molding, and machining components to various industries.

As part of their strategic efforts to enhance forging capabilities, Topçesan recently invested in a Nitrex system. Specifically, they acquired the NXK-812 compact batch-type furnace with a 1,200 kg capacity, designed for nitriding and nitrocarburizing forging dies. These dies are utilized in the production of engine parts, transmission components, and chassis parts for vehicle manufacturing, catering to automotive clients like BMW, Tofaş, Fiat, and ZF Group across Europe and Türkiye.

By integrating nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes into their operations, Topçesan aims to prolong the lifespan of their forging dies, increasing component production while reducing tooling costs. The system includes an ammonia dissociator, which is essential for precision control over nitriding potential, particularly when treating specific alloys that must align with AMS 2759/10 and AMS 2759/12 specifications.

Topçesan opted for Nitrex based on their favorable experience with a local commercial heat-treating company providing Nitrex nitriding services. Encouraged by the resulting performance improvements, they made the strategic decision to harness these advantages internally, integrating them into their operations.

Utku Inan, the Nitrex sales representative in Türkiye, commented, “This marks the first collaboration between Topçesan and Nitrex, and we’re truly excited to embark on this journey together. Our shared goal is to pursue operational excellence and maximize product potential within the forging and automotive supply chain industries. Nitrex is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable our clients to achieve their operational objectives efficiently and sustainably.”

Topçesan is making a strategic investment that will not only enhance its in-house capabilities and cost efficiency but also contribute to a more efficient and sustainable future. According to Marcin Stoklosa, Nitrex Technical Sales Manager, “The operating software of the Nitrex system ensures optimal production media and utility consumption throughout the process, providing the customer with detailed analysis after each operation. This technological advancement underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, ensuring superior performance.”

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