Heat Treat Industry News & Updates

Swiss furnace builder Codere (whose ad can be found on this page) has a new sales person. Jean-Michel Bilger was recently hired by the company to replace Olivier Chevre who left Codere earlier this year to take a position in another industry.  Commercial heat treater Metlab in Pennsylvania, USA has a new quality manager; “Metlab continues to build a successful business by providing quality heat treating and surface finishing services for its customers. To ensure this legacy, Metlab has recently hired Tom Guilliams as the Quality Manager for the company. Mr. Guilliams started with Metlab in June 2020 and brought with him extensive experience in Quality Control as well as metallurgical testing. He oversees a wide range of processes and procedures, including production planning and material management. “I manage with understanding and frequent communication,” Guilliams comments. “Engaging everyone in the Quality program requires patience. It is a learning process that I share with others, and it is an essential part of the continuous improvement process.”

We see that Tim Josephs of Production Technologies International a heat treat manufacturers rep firm covering areas such as Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and several other US Midwest states recently signed up with a ne principal. Tim is now repping for alloy supplier Cronite in his territory. Cronite is one of the largest high temperature alloy suppliers in the world and their banner ad can be found on this page. One of our favorite Marketing people is Katarzyna (Kasia) Sawka of furnace builder SECO/WARWICK in Poland. After 5 years at the company we see she was just promoted to VP of Marketing a position which we certainly feel she deserves. We hunted through our file photos and found this picture of Kasia taken at the 2015 heat treat show in Cologne, Germany. It is worth mentioning that the fellow on the left is Mr. Kent Zuo, of Shanghai Heat Treat, one of the largest commercial heat treaters in China.

It would appear that we will not be seeing Steve Miller of controls company Eurotherm at future heat treat exhibitions. Steve has been in the industry for something like 30 years the whole time with Eurotherm. However he recently received a promotion to Global Business Development Manager – Semi Conductor which means he will largely be exiting the heat treat industry.

Let us move on to equipment news. Captive heat treater and aerospace industry supplier Cherry Aerospace out in Californina is in the process of installing a brand new vacuum furnace.

Cherry Aerospace is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, USA, and is a member of the PCC Fastener Products Division of Precision Castparts (PCC). Heat Treatment Australia (HTA) recently added a furnace at their Los Angeles, California, facility. The furnace is designed for precipitation hardening and has working dimensions of 48” X 48” X 168” which means it can handle parts up to 14’ in length.

From Fort Worth, Texas, USA we have this photo of an Ipsen 6 bar vacuum furnace. This is the newest vacuum furnace installed at the Fort Worth facility of commercial heat treater Texas Heat Treating.

We’ve told you before how East Carolina Metal Treating in Raleigh North Carolina will be putting their Virginia Metal Treating facility in Lynchburg, Virginia into a new building. Work is progressing and this is what the building looks like now.

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