TS USA, Chattanooga, TN, USA

In Tennessee, USA commercial heat treater TS USA had a small fire which made headlines in many of the local newspapers but caused very little actual damage as it was put out quite quickly. We weren’t familiar with the name to begin with however a little research gave us the whole story. This facility is part of HEF Group and it was set up roughly 3 years ago with an initial investment of approximately $3 million USD.

We actually interviewed the CO of the company Dr. Rajiv Ahuja two years ago and this is his summary of the company; 

First off Dr. Ahuja I would appreciate it if you could share some information with us about HEF Group worldwide, what you do when you started etc.; “HEF Group, which has been in business for more than 50 years, is headquartered in France and is a leading global provider of surface treatments and coatings for wear, corrosion and friction reduction.  Our two primary surface technology options are Liquid Nitriding and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD – specifically diamond-like carbon DLC coatings) – the only supplier that offers both technology options.  In addition we do offer a whole range of other surface treatments to meet customer specific needs. HEF is an employee owned company and a majority of our 2,000 associates are shareholders.”

Would it be correct to say then that HEF operates as a worldwide commercial heat treater and surface engineering company? “HEF Group currently operates 60 facilities in 20 countries.  Most of them are facilities owned 100% by HEF – and a few of them are joint-ventures.  These facilities provide surface treatments and coating jobbing services to local customers.  A large proportion of our customers are automotive.  Other major industrial segments where our technologies find applications include: Oil & Gas; Hydraulic & Pneumatic equipment; Industrial Equipment; Construction and Material handling equipment; Power generation equipment etc.”