TS Innovation Canada-An Update on a Recent Heat Treat Facility

Back in 2019 TS Innovation, a subsidiary of HEF Group set up a new facility in Quebec, Canada to offer liquid nitrocarburizing. Since that time the company has made some changes which prompted this press release;

Techniques Surfaces Innovation (TS Innovation), located in Montreal Quebec, Canada, is a subsidiary of HEF Group – a global leader in tribology and value-added surface treatments and coatings. TS Innovation offers liquid nitrocarburizing surface treatment solutions popularly known as ARCOR®, MELONITE®, QPQ as well as thin-film performance coatings (PVD/PECVD) for a diverse range of industries/applications. This facility is also supported by a strong technical and R&D team located in Ohio USA (HEF North American HQ) and in France (HEF Group Global HQ).

While the facility started back in 2019, there have been significant developments in terms of specialized surface treatment and coating capabilities at this location showcasing HEF Group’s North American footprint. The liquid nitrocarburizing treatments offered by TS Innovation are value-added, cost-effective and tailormade solutions providing significant improvements in wear resistance, corrosion resistance and friction reduction for demanding systems and applications. Some of the diverse customers TS Innovation serves belong to hydraulic manufacturing sector, forestry equipment manufacturing sector, automotive industry, sports industry, defense, mills, precision machine shops.

TS Innovation offers a quick turnaround time with good quality service. This facility also offers a state-of-the-art PVD/PECVD thin-film coating center. These precision coatings have gained more popularity due to its low deposition temperatures, extremely high hardness (2000 to 4500 HV), excellent anti-frictional properties – especially DLC (diamond-like carbon) coatings. Examples of such applications include automotive engine and differential components, injection molding, sports equipment, biomedical, aerospace and oil & gas.

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