Troll Haertetechnik, Waldaschaff, Germany

We are taking the opportunity to see a few heat treaters and industry suppliers over the course of the next few days. One of the first is commercial heat treaters Troll Haertechnik in Waldaschaff Germany. Founded almost 30 years ago by a man with a vision, Mr. Klauus Schorowsky, the company has thrived by specializing in one process only, gas nitriding and now has almost 30 employees. Last year the firm processed almost 2,000 tons of nitrided material through 7 pit gas nitriders, all supplied by Rohde furnaces of Hanau, Germany (by the way the largest has working dimensions of 2.5 meters in depth X 1.6 meters in diameter. In these pictures you see Mr. Klaus Schorowsky and Mr. Joern Rohde.