Top 50 North American Heat Treater Appoints Bryan Jageman As Sales Manager

Century Sun Metal Treating in Traverse City, Michigan, USA just appointed Mr. Bryan Jageman  as Heat Treat Sales Manager. Byran has had a long and very distinguished career in the heat treatment industry having worked with companies as diverse as Jasco Heat Treating in NY, Modern Industries in Erie, PA and most recently as VP of Operations at HI TecMetal Group in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Century is a very impressive commercial heat treat operation which has made “The Monty Heat Treat News” several times recently, both as one of the largest commercial heat treats in North America and also because ownership of the company changed hands earlier this year. Read all about it below;

Top 50 Heat Treater Sold; Century Sun Heat Treat Treat Sold-31st Largest Commercial Heat Treater in North America

Recently “The Monty Heat Treat News” put together our annual list of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America-in 31st position on this list is Century Sun Heat Treat in Traverse City, Michigan. According to this press release the firm was recently sold to a Michigan based Investment Group. 50 Largest North American Commercial Heat Treats 2021 | The Monty

“PMCF is pleased to announce that it served as the exclusive financial advisor to Century, LLC (“Century” or “The Company”) in a sale transaction to Hillcrest Investment Partners, LLC, a private investment group. Headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan, Century is a leading supplier of heat treating and machining solutions.

Over its history of more than 45 years, Century has evolved into a leading manufacturer of highly complex precision components, serving customers in aerospace, oil and gas, and industrial markets. The Company’s vertically integrated offering of precision machining capabilities, automated welding, and specialized heat treating services streamlines the supply chain and improves quality and turnaround times for customers.  Century’s team of experienced engineers, machinists, and product line specialists take a methodical and comprehensive approach to each project. The Company’s focus on service, quality, and on-time delivery results in strong customer loyalty – 90% of customers have been with Century for 15 years or more.
Bill Janis, former Owner and Chairman of Century, remarked, “Century has established a strong reputation in the market over multiple decades based on our focus and dedication to customer satisfaction. The Company has found a great home with Hillcrest Investment Partners. Their ability to leverage industry experience and continued investment in capabilities and technology will accelerate Century’s growth trajectory and result in even better service for our customers.”
Century selected PMCF to serve as the exclusive investment banker in the transaction. Bill Janis added, “We couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire PMCF as our M&A advisor. The team was instrumental in achieving a successful outcome and was heavily involved in each phase of the process. PMCF’s industry expertise and ability to effectively communicate our story to the market was impressive, and I would highly recommend PMCF to any company considering a transaction.” The transaction closed in June 2021. Honigman LLP served as the legal advisor to the Company.”
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