Thermprocess, Dusseldorf, Germany

We are now at the “Thermprocess” exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany which bills itself as the largest heat treat exhibition in the world. Held every four years at the same venue in Germany our first thought is that very unfortunately the event this year is being held amongst record breaking temperatures of up to 38C (almost 100F). Over the course of the next few days we have several photos from the show. In this photo we see from the left; Harald Roth of KGO, Don Longenette, and Mr. Andreas Fritz of EMO. Wait a second-Don Longenette? Yes indeed Don who has worked at companies such as Timken and Bodycote is in attendance. We want to say the EMO is one of the foremost companies in the world when it comes to high end cleaning systems and we will be having an in depth interview with him November of this year.