Thermprocess 2019 Dusseldorf, Germany

The world’s largest heat treat exhibition, Thermprocess being held in Dusseldorf, Germany is rapidly drawing to a close and as it does we present these photos from the exhibition with more to come over the course of the next week. The general consensus? That attendance is down and two heat treat shows in Germany in the same year (the second being our favorite, HK19 in Cologne in October) is too much. Having said that it was certainly very well organized and in our opinion worthwhile. 

Because of the size of the show it can be very tiring. This fellow only made it until noon before he needed a break.

Bill Disler, AFC-Holcroft, Sonja Zimmermann, Berndorf (parent company of Aichelin), Peter Schobesberger, CEO Aichelin

Graphite Materials; CFC provider always has a very strong presence at heat treat exhibitions around the world.

Part of the ECM Sales team including our good friend Dennis Beauchesne in the center.

SAMT Materials & Metallurgy; Gord Montgomery and Mr. Shen Li. SAMT is one of the largest vacuum furnace producers in China and has long standing partnerships with companies such as EMO Cleaning Systems in Germany and Pyradia in Canada.

ION Heat, a well known manufacturer of Ion (Plasma) nitriding systems can be found at most heat treat exhibition around the world. Second from left we have Mr. Andres Bernal, CEO and to his left we have Stephen Sossa.