Thermal Modifications Appoints Ryan Wilmes to Head Of Induction & Nitriding Departments

Commercial heat treater Thermal Modifications in Oregon, USA made our news section just over 1 year ago when “The Monty” visited their facility-the original posting can be seen below. We now see that Ryan Wilmes has been promoted to Manager of the company’s induction and Nitriding departments. Ryan has been with the company a couple of years and previous to that worked at American Axle & Manufacturing in Michigan. The photos below show part of the firm’s induction and nitriding departments.

“February 2020 Post; Thermal Modification Technologies/ Tualatin, Oregon, USA; The commercial heat treating industry all around the world is dominated by family owned businesses-as “The Monty” has always been a family owned business we have always had a soft spot in our hearts for these companies. Out near Portland, Oregon Thermal Modification Technologies is a perfect example. The President is Andy Tobin (who can be seen standing on the carbottom charge car) who is the son of the original founder. The firm has approximately 50 employees and is a perfect example of a “full service” heat treater, carbottom furnaces for stress relieving and annealing, batch IQ furnaces, Ion Nitriding, Induction Hardening and Vacuum hardening, there really are few processes that the company doesn’t offer. The various processes reflect the fact that the market in Oregon is very diversified, we saw automotive parts, structural steel products, oil field components, parts for the logging industry-it was a wide variety which must be a comfort during economic downturns.  These photos will give you an idea about the firm, basically a clean, well organized plant with lots of room to grow and expand which is Andy’s stated goal-and a nice bunch of people to boot.”

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