The World According to Furnace Builder Codere

Based in Switzerland, David Howard of furnace manufacturer Codere is providing this update on how 2021 has been for the company.

“Codere Switzerland would like to inform readers of “The Monty Heat Treat News” of recent news, orders and events, which took place in 2021. As the world evolves due to the pandemic, we have all had to adjust with multi video conference options to continue business relations, aiming at market entry and development. On top of these changes we have many other factors in play such as increasing energy costs, environmental impacts, new competition and price pressures at the same time as customers are asking for better quality, repeatability and data.

2021 has been a positive year for Codere and we have received orders for our System 250 over three continents from industries which include tooling, hydraulic, commercial heat treatment shops, defense, precious metal and aerospace. Codere has also seen a pick-up in activity since the beginning of this year and has completed new sales in Japan, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia and Brazil. We have sold our first fully automatic systems in Japan and Brazil and you can see a demonstration video on this link

Please see a photo of our System 250 in our workshop for aluminium treatment almost ready for pre-reception with our valued customer. In the case of a CODERE furnace, the charge slides with the furnace. The charge remains in the furnace onto the elevator from the water tank. The transfer time of the load is the lowering of the load from the furnace up to total immersion of the water tank respecting aluminium norms. The transfer time should start when the plug opens until the lift of the quench tank is at its lower position. We ensure that the temperature of the lower parts from plug opening until furnace positioning over the quenching tank stays in the temperature tolerance.

Rarely do we talk about the unsung heroes at our company who work on a daily basis for new and existing projects. Our agents are the cornerstone of our success, representing our group in their local markets for new projects but as well as for after sales support. We have increased our geographic presence to commencing working with new agents in Israel, Turkey, Slovenia/ Croatia, United Kingdom & UAE & surrounding areas who are already active in our field of expertise. We will give further information in due course. If readers are interested to learn more about the Codere range of products and activities, please follow our LinkedIn page at “Codere SA” or contact us via 

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