The Monty’s 50 Largest North American Commercial Heat Treats 2021 – #8 Specialty Steel Treating, Michigan, CT

​​​​​Since 1999 “The Monty” has been publishing annually a list of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America based upon annual sales, our 2021 list can be found at This year readers will see we became much more ambitious and expanded the list to the 50 largest. In our 7th spot we have Braddock Metallurgical.

Braddock Metallurgical. Family owned Braddock Metallurgical was founded in 1953 by William Braddock. The company has eight production facilities mainly in the US Southeast, however the company also has a location in NJ and Puerto Rico. Braddock is a full service heat treater in that they offer virtually every process available. We are quite confident saying that they are the third largest family owned commercial heat treater in North America.

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