“The Monty Heat Treat News” Visits Furnace Builder CAN-ENG

Recently Mr. Tim Donofrio, Vice President of Sales for furnace builder CAN-ENG extended an invitation to “The Monty Heat Treat News” to see several furnace projects which the company is getting close to completing. Needless to say we jumped at the opportunity and the end result are these photos and this summary. Our very interesting tour was conducted by Tim Donofrio, Mr. Mike Klauck, President, Juliea Hollingsworth and Mr. Victor Oreskovich, Owner.

The highlight of our visit was seeing two large mesh belt furnace lines which CAN ENG announced earlier this year, both lines will be delivered before the end of 2022 with commissioning following shortly thereafter.

The first line is a 6000#/hr CAN-ENG Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Line designed for neutral hardening which will be delivered to a fastener manufacturer in Michigan, this is the 4th CAN-ENG mesh belt system this particular customer has received. This is a complete line with automated loading, pre wash, high heat furnace, quench oil system, post wash, temper and soluble oil system.

The second system is a 4000#/hr CAN-ENG Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Line designed for case hardening which is going to a commercial heat treater in Wisconsin who provides a diverse range of commercial heat-treating services. This line is the customers 5th CAN-ENG Mesh belt system. It also includes automated loading, pre wash, high heat furnace, quench oil system, post wash, oil reclaim system and temper.

Our tour revealed to us that CAN-ENG was founded in 1964 and currently maintains 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space in 2 locations in Southern, Ontario, Canada. While we like many think of CAN-ENG for mesh belt furnaces lines this is not completely accurate. The company is also very strong in systems for the aluminum industry and also steel mills. As a matter of fact while it varies substantially some years have seen almost 50% of production dedicated to the steel and tube industries. Interestingly enough the company has provided systems to almost 20 countries around the world with the US as the largest market, however they are also well represented in Europe, Asia and South America.

On a final note we would suggest that if you ever find yourself in Niagara Falls and have a desire to visit the company we can vouch for the fact that the entire team at CAN-ENG are a friendly bunch, as an example they presented us with a very generous gift as you can see in the one photo. CAN-ENG Furnaces International | Industrial Furnace Manufacturers

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  Victor Oreskovich,  Tim Donofrio, Mike Klauck, Jordan Montgomery

Mike Klauck, Victor Oreskovich, Gord & Jordan Montgomery, Tim Donofrio