“The Monty Heat Treat News” Celebrates 26 Years of Publishing

During the recent HK22 Heat Treat exhibition in Cologne, Germany which “The Monty Heat Treat News” attended, a common question was how long we have been publishing the monthly magazine “The Monty.com” and hosting the website “The Monty Heat Treat News“?

The answer which continues to amaze the entire team is that we started publishing the monthly magazine in 1996 and the website in 1997 which means that this year we are celebrating 26 years of “The Monty“.

Along the same lines the parent company of “The Monty“, heat treat representative firm WG Montgomery Ltd., was founded in 1969 by William G. Montgomery and it continues 53 years later which again astounds us. It has been a really fun ride so far and one which we plan to continue for at least another 53 years.

Gord, Jordan, Dale and Anne.

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