“The Monty Heat Treat News” Adds Several Quality Lab Equipment Listings

The Monty Heat Treat News” has just added several quality pieces of lab equipment to our used equipment listings.  Among these listings you will find automated polishers, semi-automatic polishers, wet saws and precision saws.  For information and pictures about the lab equipment listings scroll down. These new listings are just a handful of the equipment we currently have available.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for below let us know or visit our used equipment page at https://themonty.com/used-equipment/.

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Item # L67 Struers Labotom-5 Abrasive Saw – NEW

This is a brand new, never used Struers Labotom-5 Abrasive Saw. Manual operation, 10″/250mm blade size. With quick vise clamp. Voltage is 3Ph-380-415V/50Hz. Saw has one minor cosmetic damage on hood, performance unaffected. This is a current generation unit. Recirculation system purchased separately, available from OEM.

Asking Price $6,975 USD

Item # L69 Struers TargetMaster Automated Precision Polishing System

Struers TargetMaster automated preparation system for target polishing of microelectronics. Turn-key system with all accessories, Target-X (requires X-Ray), Target-Doser, start-up consumables. 1x220V/60Hz. Target polishing system for grinding and polishing to a specific target without missing target. Paint defects, microelectronics, failure analysis

Asking Price $26,000 USD

Item # L68 Struers Unitom-2 Abrasive Wet Saw 14″ Blade

Struers Unitom-2 Manual 14″/350mm Metallographic Abrasive Saw / Cutter. Saw is in working order, complete with left/right quick vise clamps, table unit and recirculation system. Voltage: 3Ph-220V/60Hz

Asking Price $5,250 USD

Item # L70 Struers RotoPol-22 Dual-Platen Semi Automatic Polisher

Struers Rotopol-22 with Roto-Force-4 semi-automatic polisher.  Daul 10″ Wet Grinding Platens, choice of Specimen holder.  Nice condition. 3Ph 220V/60Hz

Asking Price $5,600 USD

Item # L72 Struers TegraPol-31 Semi-Automatic 12″ Polishing System

Very good condition Struers Tegrapol-31 Semi-Automatic Polishing System. Auto-polish up to 6 samples at a time with full programming of methods. Comes with:

  • TegraForce-4 Head
  • TegraDoser-5 Auto Dosing System
  • Your choice of one (1) specimen holder – various sizes available
  • Magnetic 12″ platen
  • Instruction Manual 

Asking Price $12,950 USD

Item # L71 Struers Accutom-2 Precision Saw Cutter

Accutom-2 Precision Saw with rotating specimen device, teardrop specimen holder, precision vise, recirculation tank/pump.  Completely ready to make your precision metallographic cuts. 1x110V/60Hz

Asking Price $2,400 USD