The Interview With Craig Moller, Chief Engineer of Ipsen

Last week we posted an interview “The Monty Heat Treat News” recently conducted with Mr. Craig Mollner, an interview which can be found at Craig Moller, Chief Engineer at “Ipsen” Speaks to the “Monty Heat Treat News” | The Monty Craig has over 40 years experience in the heat treatment industry and it clearly showed in his thoughtful answers. Apparently we weren’t the only ones to think so, Mr. Bill Jones CEO of Solar Atmospheres and Solar Manufacturing (a competitor we will add), also felt the same way as you can see in these comments;

“Gord, The interview with the Chief Engineer from Ipsen was excellent. With his 40 plus years at Ipsen he has experienced many design innovations and expressed them well. Questions presented to him were well based and thought out. His answers were equally throught out and gave a broad overview of the state of our industry and major advancements over his 40 year history. I was particularly pleased with his comments re the round vacuum furnace hot zone which originated with Abar and now the accepted hot zone for vacuum furnace OEM’s world wide. William R. Jones, FASM.” 

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