“The Heat Treat Podcast” Talks Austempering/Martempering With Mr. Steve Metz

For some time now we have been looking forward to this episode of “The Heat Treat Podcast” in which are very articulate and enthusiastic host Mr. Carlos Torres speaks with Mr. Steve Metz of Aalberts Surface Technologies in Oshkosh, WI, USA. Steve is a fellow we have known for some time and “The Monty Heat Treat News” has always held him in very high regard for his knowledge of the industry, his openness and his genuine enthusiasm for the heat treat industry. In this podcast Steve talks about austempering and martempering which is very appropriate as Aalberts is one of the largest salt heat treaters in North America.

As a bonus feature we are including this photo of Steve at his facility in Oshkosh, a photo which was taken in 2020. He is shown standing in front of some of the largest salt quenching, batch IQ furnaces ever built anywhere in the world. We now leave the stage for Carlos and Steve.

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