The Growth in Nitriding-A Continuing Trend

We have long felt that Nitriding-gas, vacuum or plasma is the fastest growing heat treating technology in the market today. We are not for a second saying it is the largest technology out there-it will be many, many years before it catches up to gas carburizing as an example but on a % basis the growth in nitriding has been quite impressive over the past number of years. This brings us to a press release we were just sent from HI TecMetal Group in the US Midwest in which they talk about a vacuum nitrider they just added.

“Nitriding FNC treatment of steel and cast irons is carried out in the temperature range of 590 °C (1094 °F) -740 °C (1364 °F) using a gaseous nitrogen and carbon bearing atmosphere. The treatments develop iron nitride surface compound layers between 5µm (≈.0002”) – 50 µm thick (≈.002”), supported by a nitrogen carbon rich diffusion zone in the substrate.

By choice of treatment temperature, time and nitrogen potential of atmosphere, the microstructure, composition and hardness of the compound layer and the sub-surface diffusion zone are controlled. An innovative oxidation technique, combined with specially formulated aqueous quenchant and organic sealant are incorporated, depending on the engineering requirements of a specific application.

Our newest furnace is equipped with an advanced control system to assure process accuracy and repeatability. The 48” wide x 72” long x 4” high work envelope will handle loads up to 7,000 pounds.  This furnace provides HI TecMetal Group the ability to shorten customer turnaround times while providing the same superior quality of product that HTG customers have come to appreciate. As our customers grow so do we.”

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