Texas Heat Treater Moves into New Larger Location-Adds Equipment

Worldwide Heat Treat https://worldwideheattreat.com/ was founded by Mr. Robert Gutierrez a well known figure in the Texas heat treat industry several years ago as a commercial heat treater. Never one to let the grass grow under his feet Robert just 2 months ago moved into a new larger facility and added substantial furnace capacity with more to come. Gord and Dale Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” had the opportunity to visit the new location earlier this week and this is what we found.

The new facility is located at 12249 Northwoods Park Drive in Houston, Texas and covers 40,000 square feet with room for substantial expansion. The centerpiece so far are two pit carburizing furnaces with working dimensions of 72” X 84” deep each with a weight capacity of 30,000 pounds-at this point in time the furnaces are within weeks of entering production.

Other equipment includes a 40’ carbottom furnace, several gas nitriding furnaces, shot blast equipment and a Surface “Super 30 Allcase” batch IQ furnace with washer and tempers. As we speak the company is taking possession of 2 more “Super 30” furnaces, tempers, charge cars and washer. It is estimated that these furnaces will be in production the middle of 2024 latest.

These are just the beginning of Robert’s plans, we expect to hear more about Worldwide in the near future. In the meantime we leave you with these pictures. The one photo taken in front of the new pit furnaces shows a large part of the Worldwide team. From Right to Left we have; Eddy Perez, Oscar Moralez, Robert Gutierrez, Cesar Ruiz, Leo Martinez (in the back), Fernando Gutierrez and Gord Montgomery. Not shown is Mr. Scott Licklider.

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