Technical Issues/ Upcoming Heat Treat News

​While the move of `The Monty Heat Treat News` on July 8th went relatively smoothly it was not perfect. The end result is that our main phone number, 705-259-3650 is not yet in operation but will be shortly. All other details remain the same;

Gord Montgomery[email protected] 416 723-2543
Jordan Montgomery [email protected] 647 200-2000
Dale Montgomery [email protected] 416 917-7800

Coming up we have a number of very exciting news items including our updated list of the 50 largest commercial heat treaters in North American coming this week. Our 2021 list can be found at

Also coming up are several “Heat Treat Podcasts” with our very articulate host Mr. Carlos Torres. Two very exciting ones come to mind, one with one of the top salt heat treaters in the USA and the second with an additive manufacturing firm who just completed their “state of the art” heat treat department-a photo of which can be seen here.

Included in future plans are our list of the largest furnace builders in North America and photos of one of the Largest vacuum carburizing furnace in North America.

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