TAV About to Ship Their Largest Vertical Vacuum Furnace

Recently we mentioned how Italian furnace builder TAV received an order for what is the largest vertical vacuum furnace the company has ever built. Our original news item is below and included is a photo showing working starting on the vessel. As a follow up to this story we can now add that the furnace is almost completed and can be seen in this photo.

“MAY 2022; Aerospace Company to Receive Largest TAV Vertical Vacuum Furnace Ever Built; Italian furnace builder TAV has received an order from an aerospace company for the largest vertical vacuum furnace the company has ever built. The useful dimensions of the furnace will be 110” (dia) x 72” (h) and it will feature double pumping groups and double diffusion pumps. Also, the furnace will have true convection heating, meaning the cooling nozzles will mechanically be closed during heating and soaking. The furnace will be installed in a European location.”

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