Symmco Inc. Fire

Powdered Metal components supplier and in house heat treater Symmco in Sykesville, PA suffered a small fire earlier this week which luckily caused little damage. The company has a total of 8 mesh belt sintering furnaces.

Symmco Inc. in Sykesville, which designs and manufactures powdered metal components, was still operating as usual Monday despite an early morning fire, according to Sykesville Fire Chief Kevin Yamrick. At 5:07 a.m., employees at Symmco, located at 40 S. Park Ave., called in a report of smoke coming from the roof area above a furnace used to heat-treat materials, said Yamrick. Even though the fire was difficult to get to since there was a layer of insulation, a metal roof, another layer of insulation, and then a rubber roof, firefighters had the fire initially contained in about 40 minutes. Due to the high winds, sparks were blown to a couple of other adjoining roofs on another building but those were also extinguished quickly.”