Supply Chain Issues Continue to Plague Heat Treatment Industry

The heat treatment industry is certainly not alone in experiencing the challenges brought about by inflation, disruptions in the global supply chain, rising energy costs and labor market issues. This is reflected in the fact that pricing for virtually everything has increased along with delivery times.

A good example of how these issues have affected pricing and deliveries can be found at one of the best known firms in the heat treatment industry, Honeywell Thermal Solutions. Honeywell Thermal Solutions (HTS) includes such well known names in the gas burner industry as Eclipse, Maxon, Hauck and Krom Schroeder. HTS just announced an average annual price adjustment of 12%, replacing the existing inflation charge of 4%. This is effective December 5th, 2022. While there are some further details about this adjustment the bottom line is that Honeywell like every other company in this industry has been forced to raise prices while at the same time deliveries can stretch out to 10 months or more.

While these challenges will undoubtedly persist for some time they will at some point in time be a distant, unhappy memory.

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