Super Systems Inc. Vacuum Furnace Controls and Troubleshooting

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Vacuum System

• Units of Pressure
• Sensor Technologies
• Gas Compensation
• Ultimate Vacuum Requirements
• Real Leak versus Virtual Leak
• Leak Rate,
• Backstreaming
• Surface Discoloration

Partial Pressure Atmospheres

• Vaporization Temperatures & Table
• Dew Point Requirements,
• Sensor Technology,
• Partial Pressure Technology: Solenoid Valve vs MFC

Heating Methods

• SCR + Rheostat
• Multiple SCRs (Digital Trim)
• Initial Survey Requirements


Load Thermocouples

• Extension Wire

Fixture Material Selection

• Eutectic Points

Quench Methods

• Vacuum Cooling,
• Controlled Cooling,
• Gas Fan Quench,
• Oil Quenching

Bake Out Cycles