Super Systems, Inc. Completes Nitrogen-Methanol Controls Upgrade

“Super Systems, Inc. recently completed a nitrogen-methanol controls upgrade for a continuous furnace line at Liberty Wire in Johnstown, PA.

The scope of the project included a new control system and panel for a continuous annealing furnace line for processing coiled wire products.  The SSI Matrix control system was incorporated to control the automated flow and mixing of the process gases.  SSI HMI and eFlo 2.0 meters were also integrated to provide Liberty with the latest in hardware, software and communications technology.

Mike Cassidy, the Liberty Wire Controls Analyst, led the installation with SSI Project Engineers.  Mike was kind enough to offer comments on the process … “I’m very pleased with SSI and the new system.  Can’t think of any aspect of the whole deal that I could find fault with or complain about … they are top notch.  I’m looking forward to working with them in the future.  Thanks for everything.”

Liberty Wire Johnstown produces and provides a wide variety of steel wire and rod products for industry.  The company focuses on market segments where metallurgical quality is the differentiating factor.  Their customers are primarily in the transportation and construction industry segments, but also supplies products for capital goods, energy and consumer products.  For more information about Liberty Wire, visit

Super Systems Inc., based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been developing and manufacturing products for the thermal processing industry since 1995. SSi’s products include probes, analyzers, flow meters, controllers, software solutions and engineered systems. With over 100 years of combined experience, SSi continues to satisfy industry demands with innovative technology, enabling customers to be more efficient and to produce higher quality products. For more information on SSi’s capabilities, visit”