Students from Lehigh’s Summer Engineering Institute Tour Solar Atmospheres

On July 11 th , Solar Atmospheres hosted 28 high school students enrolled in the Summer Engineering Institute (SEI) at Lehigh University. The group also included a few members of Lehigh University undergraduate students and staff. The SEI program, under the guidance of Director Dr. Laura Moyer, is a two-week residential program, running two sessions back to back. Students are nominated by faculty of local
high schools, and the program specifically targets under-represented groups including girls, first-generation students, and students who might otherwise have limited opportunities to study in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Solar Atmospheres provided a tour of the campus, exhibiting materials and processes for intriguing applications in a variety of markets. The students  experienced a manufacturing setting encompassing related topics from their curriculum, gaining a better understanding of heat treating and manufacturing, and how cutting edge technology reshapes centuries-old processes. "Solar Atmospheres was a great company and its wide range of clientele was purely astounding,” remarked student, Cole. “From aerospace companies to software and medical supplies  companies, Solar Atmosphere shows just how important heat treatment is to the world we live in."

Another student, Elizabeth, was surprised to learn how great an impact manufacturing has on our lives. "This field trip opened my eyes to the complexity of the products we use daily. By touring the facility, my horizons were broadened and I was able to physically understand what manufacturers do daily." The next group of SEI students is scheduled to visit Solar later this month. For additional process information, contact Mike Moyer, Director of Sales, Solar Atmospheres, at 215- 721-1502 x1207, or, and visit