Strong Forge & Fabrication Fire, Batavia, New York, USA

Captive heat treater Strong Forge & Fabrication in Batavia, NY (Buffalo area) suffered a small fire recently which originated in the ducting from one of their batch IQ furnaces-amazing how often fires start in furnace ducting. We have this report from a local newspaper;  “At Strong Forge & Fabrication, 20 Liberty St., Batavia, NY a fire occurred in the roof above one of their heat-treating furnaces. Strong Forge makes machine forgings, weldments and fabricated parts, according to the company website. The call came in at 1:10 p.m. “The fire was caused by a combination of super-heated air and a flammable media in the exhaust pipe of the heat-treated unit, which in turn caused the roof material to combust,” the fire chief said. “The fire was brought under control within 30 minutes. There were no injuries or evaluations on scene.” “It was an industrial fire. It’s not suspicious,” he said. “It’s (the facility) operational. They’re putting protective covers over the roof and I imagine they’ll start immediate repairs. “Initially, we requested assistance from the town of Batavia, but canceled them before they responded. It was for a second ladder truck. We canceled them once we had control of the fire.”