SSi Technical Seminar, Mexico

Super SystemsMexico showing results of continuous growth supporting heat treat operators throughout industrial regions of Mexico and fortified with EMA certifications.

In addition to the great multicultural exchange during the SSi’s International Sales Meeting on September 24th in Cincinnati, Ohio, SSi shared its experiences around the globe and how the business remains strong and the future looks bright.

In its ninth year of operation, SSi-Mexico (Queretaro City) has fourteen highly skilled associates and the service center occupies a new, 5000 ft2 office. The new facility has state of the art, EMA certified calibration and repair lab. The staff performs pyrometry and calibration services in addition to servicing and repairing sensors, process controllers and analyzers. SSi-Mexico earned three calibration accreditations in 2019 which address the needs to perform calibrations around the world.

SSi-Mexico provides solutions for process-control modernization and SCADA innovations to domestic and international companies requiring heat treat services in Mexico. SSi-Mexico continues its growth and is prepared to offer the best solutions, innovation, and dependable support with project engineering, sales support and software development.

For further information regarding our accreditations in Mexico click Here