Specialty Steel Treating Invests in New AFC-Holcroft Equipment As Part Of Multi-Year Program

“Commercial heat treater Specialty Steel Treating in Fraser, Michigan (USA) has invested in new AFC-Holcroft UBQ (Universal Batch Quench) furnace and a UBTN (Universal Batch Temper) annealing furnace as companion equipment, as part of a larger multi-year equipment standardization program intended to replace older equipment provided by another supplier. The UBQ and UBT are near duplicates to equipment recently provided by AFC-Holcroft as part of the same multi-year program. Specialty Steel Treating has had a long relationship with AFC-Holcroft, and uses several different types of AFC-Holcroft furnaces in their production facilities in Michigan and Connecticut, including multi-row pusher furnaces designed for high capacity output, as well as some large capacity UBQ batch equipment and accessories.

Tracy Dougherty, Vice President of Sales at AFC-Holcroft states, “We’re excited to be a part of the continued growth and expansion of Specialty Steel Treating. The customization of these furnaces combined with state of the art controls and IoT features (Remote Diagnostics™), enable both AFC-Holcroft and Specialty Steel Treating the ability to offer superior quality, performance and continuous improvement to customers.” Delivery of the UBTN is expected in the 2nd quarter of 2019 to the Specialty Steel Treating site on Malyn Road in Fraser, with the UBQ to follow in the 3rd quarter to the Commerce Road plant, also located in Fraser.”