Southwest Metal Treating Installs Ion Nitriding System

Down in Fort Worth, Texas, USA we find commercial heat treater Southwest Metal Treating, one of the larger commercial heat treaters in North America. The company offers most type of heat treating processes and one which they added back in 2020 was Ion (plasma) nitriding. These pictures show a GlowTech GT1220 system provided by furnace builder Ion Heat. It was installed mid last year and has now been producing top quality parts for several months. Southwest Metal Treating is owned and run by Mr. Ryan Fussell and over the past few years Ryan has invested several million dollars in new equipment including a batch IQ furnace and an endothermic generator. Our file photos revealed a picture of Ryan Fussell when he installed the new generator a couple of years back. Ryan can be seen on the right in this photo and to his right can be seen Mr. Jeff McLaughlin of McLaughlin Furnace Group who provided the generator.

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