South Tek Systems Expands

This press release tells us how South Tek, a supplier of nitrogen generating systems is expanding. To this press release we have to add our personal observation which is that we have always been a little puzzled as to why nitrogen generating systems are not more common in the heat treating industry than they actually are. The technology is proven, there are a number of real success stories in the industry but at the end of the day the technology is not as common in heat treating as we feel it should be.

“A major manufacturer of nitrogen generators which provides technology for heat treating applications, as well as for many other markets, recently announced plans to expand in Wilmington, North Carolina, into a higher capacity manufacturing facility.South-Tek Systems (STS), the nation’s highest volume manufacturer of N2GEN®), will be transitioning operations into a custom-designed 66,000-square-foot building — 10 times their current space — in order to accommodate growth in production and improve workflow. The expansion (from 6,600 sq. ft to 66.000 sq. ft!!) will accomplish a few key developments:

•            Increased space for 4 more new engineers in manufacturing/production, which will flesh out R&D;

•            Inventory improvement, which will decrease lead times from order to shipping;

•            Laboratory environment on site, which will enhance N2% purity and flow rate certification;”