SonFlow Kolding, Denmark To Add Vacuum Brazing Furnace

“SECO/WARWICK will deliver a vacuum furnace to SonFlow for copper brazing adapted to the individual needs of European customers world-wide. A special nozzle design and electrical penetration assembly will ensure that the device is perfect for the production of the latest, high-capacity plate heat exchangers for industrial, HVAC, off-shore and sanitary purposes to be manufactured in the Kolding, Denmark plant. SonFlow is a European manufacturer which has historically been known mostly for the manufacturer of high capacity industrial pumps. The company is now expanding into the plate heat exchanger business. Manufacturing state-of-the-art powerful heat exchangers has provided the incentive for the plant to purchase a furnace which will satisfy the current production challenges associated with the brazing process. The furnace is suitable for copper brazing processes for large dimension heat exchangers. The working area of the furnace (900 X 900 X1200) will enable SonFlow to perform in house brazing without the need to outsource work to third parties. “

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