Solar Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace Nearing Inaugural Run

“The brand new Solar Vacuum Oil Quench furnace is nearing its inaugural run! This equipment, along with a separate SBS oil conditioning system, will lead the way to a safer, more efficient and greener way to oil quench materials. Stay tuned for the results of the maiden voyage!”

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA Installs Vacuum Oil Quench Furnace – Full Video February 16, 2022

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA received delivery of their Vacuum Oil Quench (VOQ) furnace from Solar Manufacturing last week. This 36” x 36″ x 48” furnace will be fully installed, tested and operational in early April. See the largest component, a 40,000 pound vestibule / oil quench tank, being transferred and inverted into its pit. This will be the first vacuum oil quench furnace to employ work thermocouples in the actual load! More to come on this unique furnace . . .

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