Solar Manufacturing Receives Furnace Order from Firearms Manufacturer

Solar Manufacturing Inc. announces the receipt of a vacuum heat treating furnace order for a firearms manufacturer based in the United States. The furnace, Model HFL-5748-2IQ, has a hot zone of 36” x 36” x 48” deep with a weight capacity of 5,000 lbs., and maximum operating temperature of 2400°F, and heats to 2500°F for hot zone bake out. The furnace design also has a temperature uniformity of ±10°F and is AMS2750 compliant with vacuum levels in the low micron range.

For rapid turnaround for work cooling, a 100 HP gas blower is provided for operating at 15 PSIG (2bar) in nitrogen gas. The furnace is complete with a SolarVac® Polaris fully automated and programmable industrial controls package, and a Eurotherm digital chart recorder.

The system also includes a Magnetic Specialties, Inc. ( SCRbased dry power supply rated at 225 kVa.

Solar Manufacturing designs and manufactures a wide variety of vacuum heat treating, sintering, and brazing furnaces and offers replacement hot zones, spare parts, and professional service. To learn more about Solar Manufacturing contact Pete Reh, VP of Sales, at 267-384-5040 x1509, or via email [email protected] or visit us at”

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