Solar Atmospheres Successfully Vacuum Hardens Large H13 Liner

“Solar Atmospheres of Western PA successfully vacuum hardened one of the largest aluminum extrusion liners ever produced by Lake Park Tool and Machine located in Youngstown Ohio. The massive H13 liner measured over 100” OAL and weighed a total of 16,000 pounds. The liner was turned on Lake Park’s new large capacity lathe with 34” max diameter and 200” max length.

This H13 liner arrived at Solar Atmospheres of Western PA only one month after the fastest cooling large vacuum furnace in the industry was completed and ready to run. This recently built Solar Manufacturing 10 bar vacuum furnace is equipped with a newly designed hot zone measuring 48” wide X 108” OAL. Additionally, the furnace has a 600 HP blower motor for increased cooling power. The critical cooling rate, to obtain optimum properties for H13 hot worked tool steel, was achieved as evidenced in the as-quenched hardness of HRC 54-55. The part was then double tempered to the customer’s specification of HRC 46 to 48.

Bob Hill, President of Solar Atmospheres in Western PA stated,” this large rapid cooling vacuum furnace provides us continued diversification to our vacuum heat treating repertoire and capabilities. We’re proud of this partnership with Lake Park Tool and Machine and to assist our customers in vacuum heat treating one of the largest air hardening dies that I have personally heat treated over my 40 year career.”

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