Solar Atmospheres Successful Vacuum Oil Quench Commissioning

“A newly designed Vacuum Oil Quench (VOQ) furnace, purchased by Solar Atmospheres of Western PA, recently entered into full production after passing a vigorous start up protocol. The initial temperature uniformity survey, compliant to AMS 2750 F, produced +/- 10°F results at all setpoints. Most importantly, the critical lift and place transfer mechanism worked flawlessly. This robustly designed system delivered hot 2000-pound loads to the internal oil quench tank seamlessly time after time. With a quench system that is entirely self-contained and vacuum tight, the typical positive pressure “flare and smoke-ups” during each quench cycle was nonexistent.

See a video with an internal and external camera during a quench operation.

Other features of this unique furnace include the ability for the customer to attain the actual work temperatures within the 36” x 36” x 48” hot zone. Additionally, with an atmosphere totally devoid of oxygen there is no need to use problematic oxygen probes. Material surfaces are free from intergranular oxidation (IGO) along with zero evidence of decarburized or carburized surface conditions. Heat treated components emerge from the quench oil bright and clean! With carbon potential issues totally eliminated, alloys of dissimilar carbon contents with comparable cross sections and austenitizing temperatures, can all be treated within the same load!

Bob Hill President of Solar Atmospheres of Western PA states, “Most recently insurance companies are reluctant to write policies for commercial heat treaters simply because they see a single flame or evidence of smoke. In the past, unfortunate accidents have occurred with explosive endothermic atmospheres and flammable oils. I am convinced that this new Solar Manufacturing furnace is a much safer and greener way to oil quench parts. In my opinion, this furnace is the future of oil quench heat treating

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