Solar Atmospheres South Carolina Facility Awarded Northrop Grumman Approval

“Solar Atmospheres Greenville, SC facility is pleased to announce it has been awarded Northrop Grumman approval. With this approval, now all five Solar Atmospheres facilities are an option for our customers with Northrop Grumman requirements for vacuum heat treating services.

Steve Prout, President of Solar Atmospheres Greenville facility states: “We are proud to once again provide our customers in the Southeastern U.S. with another regional option for aerospace and defense vacuum thermal processes, saving them time and money while continuing to deliver the high level of quality required.

With the ability to support vacuum thermal processing needs ranging from development cycles to 50,000 pound loads at temperatures of up to 2400°F, Solar Atmospheres provides AS9100 and Nadcap quality accredited heat treatments, providing our customers with the confidence their product is being processed as specified.

For additional information on our processing options and our capabilities, contact Mike Paponetti at [email protected], and visit us at, or call 1-855-934-3284.”

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