Solar Atmospheres of Western PA and Neota Product Solutions Develop Sintering Partnership

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA and Neota Product Solutions, a custom metal injection molding (MIM) manufacturer located in Loveland, Colorado, have recently developed an exclusive sintering partnership. Neota provides comprehensive MIM solutions from early-stage prototyping to full scale manufacturing. Solar and Neota have developed a sintering thermal profile that not only densifies their complex geometric shapes but also controls shrinkage. This results in a solid and strong metallic part, with near 100% density, while maintaining the tight tolerances that are required in their precision components.

Collaborating with Solar Manufacturing, the vacuum furnace production arm of the Solar family, Solar Atmospheres of Western PA recently acquired a vacuum furnace which is engineered to handle the known rigors of MIM processing. The furnace has a work zone of 36” x 36” x 48” with a load capacity of 3,000 pounds. Jason Osborne, President of Neota says, “Solar has been a class-act organization and has been instrumental in the aggressive growth of our company.”

Bob Hill, President of Solar Atmospheres of Western PA stated, “We have sincerely enjoyed our relationship with the Neota team. As MIM industry experts, they know what they ultimately want in a finished part. As vacuum thermal processing specialists, we know how to achieve their high temperature processing parameters while not damaging our state-of-the-art vacuum equipment. Investing in our customer’s needs, ultimately results in lasting mutual relationships which become a successful endeavor for both parties.”

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