Solar Atmospheres of California Commissions California’s Largest Commercial Solar + Energy Storage System

“In response to the challenges of California’s energy market, Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) has installed and recently commissioned the state’s largest commercial Solar + Energy Storage System. By combining onsite generation, an advanced energy storage system and a world class artificial intelligence powered analytics platform, SCA looks to optimize energy use by automatically switching between onsite generation, battery power or grid power. The large robust system will enable SCA to achieve a wide variety of goals, including energy expense reductions through reduced peak demand, onsite renewable power generation and demand response program participation. Additional benefits include energy resilience, sustainability, environmental and corporate responsibility, and innovation. The digitally connected energy storage network includes a 772kW PV Solar System and a 1,561kW/3,122kWh Tesla Battery Storage System.

Site President Derek Dennis states, “We’re very pleased to have this new and innovative system fully operational and producing valuable power for use in daily production. SCA has been working closely with our energy partners and Southern California Edison to develop, design and install a system that best meets the energy needs of our rapidly growing heat treat facility. From day one of operation, the system began saving energy costs, increased plant capacity/flexibility while applying an environmentally friendly technology. SCA takes pride in partnering with our neighbors in operating a safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere. Additionally, this investment was particularly attractive to SCA now because of two federal tax incentives and additional state sponsored incentives. SCA expects full ROI on the Solar + Energy Storage System within 30-36 months.”

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