Solar Atmospheres of California Adds Additional Large Furnace Capacity

“Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) recently added additional large furnace capacity to their already extensive inventory of vacuum equipment. The furnace was specifically designed to process a variety of materials that require optimum performance during controlled heating, controlled cooling, vacuum processing, positive pressure processing, and differential pressure processing. SCA works very closely with sister company, Solar Manufacturing, to design and fabricate equipment to provide repeatable mistake-proof processing while meeting all prime requirements and AMS 2750. Key equipment performance characteristics include:

84” diameter x 144” long, robust and energy efficient all graphite and CFC hot zone

Temperature uniformity ±10°F

Dual 35” diffusion pumping systems capable mid 10-6 Torr range

Maximum operating temperature of 2650°F

Maximum loading of 50,000 lbs.

2Bar high performance 800 HP cooling system (Argon, Nitrogen & Helium)

SolarVac Polaris® Electrical Control System

SCA President Derek Dennis states, “We are very pleased to add the additional large furnace capacity. Each new furnace installation is built on a building block approach from the personal knowledge and experience accumulated by operating previous furnace models. I really appreciate the ability to bounce different “out of the box” ideas to our manufacturing team, who then takes those ideas and makes them a reality. Often, the team takes the ideas to another level before the final build plans go to the shop floor. It is this valuable collaboration between companies that allows Solar to lead the industry in material processing and furnace manufacturing. The new furnace will bolster SCA’s position as a leader in the heat treat industry on the West Coast, and provide our valuable customers with the very best quality, on-time delivery and repeatable value-added service, coupled with the best customer service in the industry.

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