Solar Atmospheres Obtains Boeing Approval for Vacuum Oil Quenching

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA is pleased to announce the approval of a critical Boeing specification for the oil quenching of alloy steels in accordance with Boeing’s specification BAC 5617.

Michael Johnson, Sales Director states, “We are honored to earn this accreditation from Boeing. The approval for our new vacuum oil quench furnace, the NEO, represents a massive addition to Solar’s heat treat capabilities. The NEO’s vacuum chamber is designed to thermally heat parts with the use of work thermocouples, transferring into a vacuum protected vestibule within 20 seconds, and finally immersing a maximum 2000 pound load into a hot agitated 3000 gallon oil quench bath. All of this processing is done without a single flame or a puff of smoke! Additionally, the inert processing and fast reliable transfer times provide our customers with superior metallurgical properties. Maximum through hardness is achieved and the surface contamination of flight critical components is totally eliminated. From landing gear to additive manufacturedcomponents, the NEO is unlocking an entirely new world of bright, clean, safe, and environmentally friendly oil quench processing for us! Now Solar can support additional Boeing programs including their extensive domestic supply base.”

For additional information about Solar Atmospheres, contact Mike Johnson at 1-855-934-3284 x2223, email at
[email protected], and visit us at

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