Haerterei Wittmann, Germany, Expands

Last year we toured captive/commercial heat treater Haerterei Wittmann in Uhingen, Germany who at the time was just starting on a very substantial investment/expansion program. The program is now concluded and earlier this week we had the chance to see the end results. To refresh your memories Wittman is a privately owned heat treater which provides commercial heat treating in addition to processing their own products which consists mainly of high end power transmission components. The company has substantial and impressive sealed quench (batch IQ) capacity) however what the firm has been concentrating on most recently is additional vacuum nitriding capacity which you can see below (Joern Rodhe of ROHDE Schutzgasöfen GmbH in Hanau and Ralph Matthaus of Wittman can be seen in two of these photos). The entire investment was close to 8 million Euros and included adding on almost 40% production capacity as well as an additional vacuum nitriding system, more office space, a brand new lab and more storage space. The end result is really quite impressive.