So How Are We Doing These Days?

Well it would appear that the worldwide heat treatment industry in 2020 is fair to middling and certainly down from 2018 and 2019. Conversations with in-house heat treaters and commercial heat treaters in the largest heat treatment market in the world-the USA reveal that almost universally the feeling is that while business is not terrible it is certainly not great either. These feelings are supported by Metal Treating Institute (MTI) numbers which show that their members (who represent many of the commercial heat treaters in North America) see a slower economy these days. Figures range from “flat” sales in the Northeast to a sales drop of almost 20% in the North Central region of the country. However being a very optimistic bunch at “The Monty” we much prefer to look at the other side of the coin which shows that there are few if any layoffs in the industry, industry suppliers are still building and selling equipment and the general consensus is that this is a temporary slowdown. We happily concur.