Back in February of this year we told you the story of auto parts supplier SISTEMAS AUTOMOTRICES DE Mexico installing a brand new pusher furnace line. Well the story is almost finished as the line is now ready for final acceptance and run off as you can see in the one photo below. To really complete the tale you can see the furnace arriving, being unloaded, installed and now pretty well complete. 

SISTEMAS AUTOMOTRICES DE Mexico Installs Pusher Line ​ While pusher lines are not a popular as they once were they certainly still have their place as we can see here. Transmission components manufacturer SISTEMAS AUTOMOTRICES has just completed the installation of a brand new 3 row pusher at their facility in Northern Mexico. The line was provided by AFC-Holcroft and MATTSA (their licensee in Mexico) in record time which  emphasizes the great partnership of both companies in the furnace business in the USMCA region. The first photo from SISTEMA shows the holding chamber and quench tank arriving, and the other two photos show the furnace being unloaded and subsequently installed.