Sintergy Inc. Appoints Roy Seltzer as Sintering Manager

In Reynoldsville, PA, USA we find powdered metal company Sintergy Inc.: “Sintergy, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of custom-engineered, powder metal components. We have the capability of producing a wide range of Powder Metal (P/M) Components, with molding capabilities from 20 to 750-ton presses. These components are used by a wide range of manufacturing industries, such as Agricultural Equipment, Automotive, Business Machines, Consumer Products, Electronics, Hand & Power Tools, Lawn & Garden, Small & Large Appliances, etc.”

The firm has a reasonably large sintering department which includes a total of 5 mesh belt sintering furnaces and support equipment. We mention the company today as they very recently appointed a new Sintering Manager, Mr. Roy Seltzer who has had a long career in the heat treatment industry. Roy spent over 20 years with commercial heat treater Advanced Heat Treating Inc., in PA as plant manager before a short stint as Plant Manager at Paulo in Kansas City, Missouri. We searched through our records and found this related press release which Sintergy issued back in September 2020.

“September 2020 POST. Abbott Furnace Installs & Commissions and Endo Generator; St. Mary’s, PA:  Abbott Furnace Company has recently designed, manufactured and installed a 6,000 SCFH Endothermic Gas Generator at Sintergy Inc. in Reynoldsville, PA. The design of the Abbott SP-6000 generator is a modular concept with each module producing up to 6000scfh of endothermic gas. This generator brings an innovative retort design that allows a single retort to produce endo gas at this rate without sacrificing gas quality and maintaining 6:1 turndown ratio.

The team at Sintergy is pleased with the level of control that the new system gives them and said that they were only seeing ±1°F in dewpoint variation from setpoint. Abbott has included all the improvements you would expect to see in new equipment today including state of the art controls with Allen Bradley PLC, data logging, dewpoint and methane sensors and updated gas safety system.”

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