SECO/WARWICK USA Appoints Marcus Lord as Managing Director

From furnace manufacturer SECO/WARWICK we have this announcement about how the company has just appointed a new Managing Director/President for SECO/WARWICK USA.

“Change is an inevitable element of any development process, without which moving forward may prove impossible. To achieve the new strategic goals in the US market, we feel it is important to implement an appropriate succession plan, including a new Managing Director/President of SECO/WARWICK USA. Keith Boeckenhauer, we wish you all the best in the future and we’re not saying “goodbye” just yet, as a new chapter awaits you here at SECO/WARWICK USA, our new Product Sales Manager.

Please join us in welcoming Marcus Lord to our team as the new Managing Director/President of #SECOWARWICK USA. His expertise will certainly be of great use to the company and its future success. We are proud to inform you that Marcus has over 30 years of practice working in various managerial positions. He is an entrepreneurial leader with a combination of operational and manufacturing experiences founded in the #aerospace, defense, and #automotive industries. He also has worldwide leadership experience in innovative manufacturing processes, operational excellence, sustainabilityinitiatives in the supply chain, and operations management.”Did you like this article? Click here to subscribe to The Monty.

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