SECO/WARWICK To Deliver Record Breaking CAB System

Furnace builder SECO/WARWICK China is poised to deliver two CAB lines and one chamber furnace to a Chinese customer who provides diesel engine components. The furnaces are designed for aluminum brazing and one has a belt width of 2300 mm (90”)-a record for SECO. Read on for all the details;

One of the systems will incorporate a furnace equipped with a 2300 mm wide conveyor belt for large-dimensions battery coolers. It is the widest CAB line sold to date by SECO/WARWICK in China. “In 2019, SECO/WARWICK China delivered the first CAB line to this Partner. The line (with a belt width of 1.5 m) is used in the manufacturing process for large heat exchangers. Three years have passed, and the customer decided to buy another CAB line from SECO/WARWICK. After our engineers visited the customer’s plant, the purchase order was modified, and our Partner decided to purchase three separate systems. A CAB line (with a 2.3 m wide belt) is a special order for our Chinese branch – it will be the widest CAB line delivered by SECO/WARWICK China. Considering our rate of growth in the Asian market, in particular in the aluminum brazing segment, I believe that this is not our last project when it comes to record-breaking and unique deliveries,” said Piotr Skarbiński, VP of Business Segment Aluminum Process and CAB, SECO/WARWICK.

The CAB line ordered by our Chinese Partner consists of a 2.3 m wide furnace, TTBB chamber, radiation pre-heating chamber, radiation brazing furnace, cooling chamber with an air jacket, final cooling chamber and control system. The second, narrower line (with a width of 1.5 m) has a similar design.

Radiation CAB furnaces are a perfect solution for brazing products of similar size and features in a continuous flow environment. The temperature distribution is uniform throughout the length of the belt thanks to several independent heating zones. This type of equipment is characterized by a lower capital expenditure whereas it provides high efficiency and low consumption of nitrogen atmosphere as well as lower maintenance requirements when compared to other CAB solutions. The CAB lines will be used for brazing large-size coolers for vehicle batteries.

The third system on order by our Chinese Partner is a universal chamber furnace, providing high-quality brazing for low-scale production. This type of furnace is designed for brazing a variety of heat exchangers in horizontal or vertical positions. It is the second SECO/WARWICK chamber furnace delivered to this Partner. “The first universal chamber furnace was delivered to our partner in 2016, and it is used for manufacturing plate-type heat exchangers. The system’s advantages include a shorter loading time, higher efficiency, and relatively lower cost. The fact that the customer has placed an order for another identical product is the best recommendation that we can expect. This means that the system proved itself in the manufacturing process and met the expectations, which is why SECO/WARWICK continues to be their first choice,” summarized Liu Yedong, Managing Director, SECO/WARWICK China.

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