SECO/WARWICK Sells Very Large Pit Nitriding Furnace To North American Customer

Unfortunately we don’t have a good picture to go with this SECO press release so we are including a photo “The Monty” team took in Italy two years ago showing the largest pit nitriding furnaces we have seen anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact when NASA was processing parts for the Saturn rocket program a number of years back these were the furnaces used to treat the parts as they were unable to find a source in North America.

 “This will be one of the largest pit furnaces that SECO/WARWICK has ever built. The customer chose SECO/VACUUM (SVT) because of the Group’s extensive experience and industry leadership in gas nitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing process development, its R&D capabilities and its local North American support. SECO/WARWICK Group offers gas nitriding furnaces in a variety of standard styles and models, including horizontal front-loading retort furnaces and vertical pit-style retort furnaces. The proprietary ZeroFlow control technology uses only ammonia as a process gas thereby reducing gas usage and gas emissions. The ZeroFlow Pit (Model VRNe) is an electrically heated pit nitriding furnace.

SECO/VACUUM’s gas retort nitriding furnaces achieve optimum results by using uniform high convection heating, precision nitriding potential and ammonia control, along with vacuum  purging to reduce operating costs to process a variety of metals. Processes possible with retort technology include gas nitriding, ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC), post oxidation, tempering, age hardening, and stress relieving.

Commended SVT Managing Director, Piotr Zawistowski; “I believe our team is one of the most adaptable and technically sound groups of experts in the thermal processing industry. Firms looking to add processes with which they are unfamiliar – as in this case involving a Pit Nitrider — really appreciate our consultative approach. When the customer gets the right process capabilities and the expert tools to use it well, we all win.”

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